Kendra Appleton is a photographer in Northern Colorado and Metro Denver specializing in natural, photo-journalistic portrait photography.

Growing up, I was always the one with a camera in my hand, annoying those around me while I tried to capture every moment to preserve it across time.  As a teen, I plastered my bedroom walls with a collage of candid photos of my favorite people and places CAPTIVATED by every image and wanting, again, to cherish each one.  As I have grown older, I have realized the power of a single image to pause time and CAPTIVATE us as we look back fondly on memories, moments, and loved ones.  So, that’s where this all began.

I’m someone who was blessed enough to turn a hobby into a business, and I have loved every minute.

When I photograph you, I want to be captivated by YOU, and I believe that I can capture your essence in an image for you to cherish forever.